Les frères Mraihi

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Amine and Hamza: two Tunisian brothers, playing respectively the Oud and the Kanoun the two major instruments of the classical Arabic music.
Since their very young age; those two virtuoso brothers were raised with the classical Arab music which allowed them to develop an amazing mastery of their instruments. Nevertheless, they have since then evolved into diverse musical traditions including classical western music, jazz, flamenco, indian, persian music and many other musical traditions…
Amine and Hamza are leaders of a new voice into the Arabic music scenery; anchored in the classical Arabic tradition but opened on the diverse musical styles. They are the image of a new generation proud of their multiple identities but open and tolerant towards other cultures.

Amine and Hamza have performed in many prestigious scenes all over the world including The Arab World Institute in Paris , the BBC ……., the Medina Theatre in Beirut , Cairo Opera house etc…..
They have recorded and published 6 albums featuring musicians from all over the world and from different musical traditions all from their composition.
Far away from the musical stereotypes, an open invitation to travel and dream in a world where frontiers and geographical barriers are abolished…

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